The Write Path
Strategic approach to turning passions into actions



Raising the Bar

Competition for admission into college has jumped to an all-time high. Students who have their sights set on universities, especially those that are more elite, must find innovative and creative ways to showcase themselves both academically and outside the classroom. Leadership programs, extracurricular activities, philanthropic ventures and hobbies all come into play in the admissions process. So, where does a student start? Simply taking part in these activities isn’t enough. Passions don’t magically begin the summer before senior year. Students must demonstrate an authentic, elevated level of dedication, commitment and interest, beginning as early as ninth grade.

At The Write Essay, we focus on helping students uncover their interests and work with them to develop a plan to action. These action plans are often layered with elements that authentically position students as leaders, doers, motivators, all of which are appealing character traits to colleges. Students who commit to our program should have successfully completed at least one memorable and unique project or extracurricular activity by junior year. These elements will enable them to develop compelling essays, helping them stand out in a sea of students, all vying for admission.

Our process includes:

Brainstorming sessions to uncover authentic interests

Identifying activities / projects

Guidance on actionable steps

Action plans executed by students

Monthly updates and accountability sessions

In-session research

Assisting students in the development and execution of emails to be sent to organizations, lawmakers and other decision-makers

Coaching students through the conversations

Serving as a mentor on phone calls

Joining students for meetings, if necessary



Writing proposals/emails

Researching and identifying projects