Why An Essay Coach?

-Student acceptance rates have fallen well below 10% at the most competitive colleges across the country.

-In a recent survey, 25% of respondents say they will apply to 9 or more schools.

-Admissions officials at top universities are beginning to court not just high school seniors, but also juniors, sophomores and freshmen.

-College essays “Can often mean the difference between getting accepted — or rejected — by the school of your choice.”
The New York Times

When should the process begin?

Essays do not just happen. The creative process begins years before when students are discovering who they are and their place in the world. How early should a student begin thinking about their college essays? We work with students as early as 9th grade to identify and nurture their interests and cultivate their talents. We help them discover meaningful opportunities that over the years become passions. These are the elements that make up creative, authentic, compelling essays.

“From that first meeting with our son, the process became manageable. You organized the schools, and took the pressure off our family. The essays you guys came up with were things we never thought could turn into something so memorable!”

It’s not easy applying to college

studyThe college application process can be a time of stress for parents and students. It is also one of the most critical periods in your child’s academic career.

Application essays are playing a larger role in determining college admittance. These essays give each student a “voice” by allowing admissions officers to see beyond grades and scores. In today’s competitive environment, essays could mean the difference between acceptance and denial.

With many universities demanding numerous essays, students applying to multiple schools often become overwhelmed. The Write Essay works with families to create an environment that is productive and stress-free. Our main goal is to help students identify life experiences, which can become essay topics. We show them how to organize their thoughts so that they will write authentic college application essays that help them stand out from other students.