Discovering students’ fascinations, talents and gifts, that’s our mission.

Through collaboration, we PowerUp their creativity to inspire a passion project that’s impactful and uniquely their own. Together, we generate innovative ideas and bring them to life. Their authentic stories of exploration, self-discovery and humanitarianism result in powerful and compelling essays.

Getting Started

A college essay doesn’t just happen overnight. The creative process begins years before when students are discovering who they are and their place in the world. We work with students in grades 7-11 to identify their interests and cultivate their talents. Students meet monthly (or more) with our college essay coaches as we guide them through a project that has real-world significance.

Students in 11th grade, who discovered their interests early on and participated in extracurriculars throughout high school, work with our admissions essay coaches weekly.

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Our Process

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Who are you and what’s your story? We spark an idea that ignites passion in students, distinguishing them from others. We have a way of transforming the ordinary into innovative and boring into mind-blowing



We navigate students through the entire passion project, guiding them through hurdles and celebrating milestones



We work one-on-one with students, listening to the story elements that matter most to them, then we lead them through the storytelling process of their college essay

We customize and create an experience that’s as unique as each of our students. As a result, we limit the number of students who can enroll in our program.

Parent Testimonials


“I have two daughters with different temperaments, academic abilities, and interests. TWE assigned individual writers who captured their true essences and capitalized on their strengths. Consequently, the essays my daughters created were meaningful and gave them the competitive edge necessary in today’s exceedingly difficult climate. We couldn’t have done this without them. ”


New York

“Working with TWE was the best decision I made during the application essay process. They brought out the best in my daughter, enabling her to write essays that were a true reflection of her. They took the pressure thatcomes with the process away. The best part was what an extraordinary writer my daughter has become thanks to this dedicated team.”


New York

“We started with TWE when our daughter was in the 10th grade, and honestly, I wish we had started even earlier. They’ve given us such guidance that the schools don’t provide, or provide when it’s almost too late. Taking our daughter’s passions and guiding her to be on the right path was invaluable. Gone are the days when students can scratch the surface. When it comes to activities, they must be developed and cultivated. TWE team knows what colleges are looking for and their proven method works!”



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