the common application

The Common Application

The Common Application is often referred to as the Common App. It’s a centralized college application platform students can use to apply to multiple colleges and universities in the United States. Streamlining the application process it allows applicants to fill out a single application that can be submitted to multiple participating institutions. Please note that not all colleges and universities accept the Common App!

What does the Common Application include?

Your personal information: You will provide personal details, educational history, and extracurricular activities.

Personal Statement: The Common App offers seven prompts and asks that students address one of these prompts in an essay that is no more than 650 words. Tip: Don’t think that you need to reach the maximum word limit! 

The Essay Section: There may be additional essay prompts individual schools request that you answer. They can range from a character limit to essays with word counts of 500 or more. These offer additional insight, address schools’ priorities, and showcase your writing skills.

Recommendation Letters: The Common App allows students to request recommendation letters from teachers and other recommenders. Tip: Approach the people you ask to write your letters early in your junior year! 

Transcript Submission: Applicants can submit their academic transcripts through the platform.

Application Fee Waivers: Some colleges may offer application fee waivers for students who apply through the Common App, making it more accessible for a diverse range of applicants.

Dashboard: The platform provides a convenient dashboard where applicants can track the progress of their applications to different institutions.

Both undergraduate and transfer students widely use the Common App. It’s goal is to simplify the college application process and make it more efficient for both applicants and colleges. Remember to keep in mind that while many colleges accept the Common App, some have their own application systems, so it’s essential for applicants to check the specific requirements of each college.

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